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Enter the market as an independent hosting provider!

As an independent hosting IT service provider, you have the opportunity to offer your end-customers all the services directly and without expenditure and effort for integration or development. Hoststar remains completely in the background. As a reseller, you have a free hand as regards pricing and offer structuring. Here, our products offer the utmost flexibility – create your own webhosting packages, define the additional services for your customers and set their prices. All servers are monitored around the clock by our standby service. So you can fully concentrate on your business.

This offer is primarily aimed at web agencies, web publishers and web designers. But even newcomers to the web appreciate the many features of our reseller products. Thanks to our user-friendly Hosting Control Panel, both professionals and beginners can use the whole spectrum of Internet technology as resellers.

As a Hoststar reseller, you do not have to attain any minimum turnover. Your own business can easily grow step by step without large investments. If the storage space should be exhausted because of the space usage of your customers, you can upgrade to the next largest hosting package at any time and without migration effort or expenditure.

Why should a reseller adopt webhosting at Hoststar?


Your benefits as a Hoststar reseller

Sell your products under your own company name and market the hostings as an independent hosting provider. Free of any obligations, you can win a segment of this interesting market and earn money. In doing so, you will be supported by our specialists. They see to it that availability of your customer platforms is assured around the clock.


Hoststar reseller products



  • Storage space: 40'000 MB
  • Number of customer hostings: 75 pcs.
  • Number of domain installations: 100 pcs.
  • Your own mail server
  • Sitebuilder (reseller edition)
  • Software center with 100 software packages
  • Server monitoring tool

CHF 29.90 / month incl. 8% VAT
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  • Storage space: 80'000 MB
  • Number of customer hostings: 150 Stk.
  • Number of domain installations: 250 Stk.
  • Your own mail server
  • Sitebuilder (reseller edition)
  • Software center with 100 software packages
  • Server monitoring tool

CHF 59.90 / month incl. 8% VAT
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  • Storage space: 160'000 MB
  • Number of customer hostings: 300 Stk.
  • Number of domain installations: 500 Stk.
  • Your own mail server
  • Sitebuilder (reseller edition)
  • Software center with 100 software packages
  • Server monitoring tool

CHF 89.90 / month incl. 8% VAT
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Easy administration thanks to a clear management structure

You have the option of taking care of customer support completely independently. We will however always be happy to help you with our know-how. On request we can also undertake support for your customers!

The White Label Control Panel is fully customizable. You can create your own logo and change the look of the interface elements to a certain extent.

The control panel is designed for stability and security. There are three login levels with their own roles and responsibilities available to you:

Reseller Control-Panel

Reseller Control-Panel

With the reseller login, you can set up all customer accounts and manage them centrally. Thus you can manage groups of domains with a single login.

The following limitations and services can be assigned individually to the end-user:

  • Storage space limit
  • Number of subdomains
  • Number of email addresses and mailboxes
  • Number of autoresponders for email addresses
  • Additional FTP users
  • Number of MySQL databases
  • Number of Software Center web applications
  • Number of mailing lists
  • Spam protection
  • Traffic limitation
  • Statistics
  • FTP, PHP, WebFTP, backup etc..
Final customer Control-Panel

End customers Control-Panel

Your customers have the option of administering the web account with the default permissions and their own user interface. This increases customer satisfaction and minimizes the support expenditure and effort.

Highlights include:

  • Creation of email addresses and definition of forwardings
  • Customization of passwords for the control panel, FTP users, POP3 mailboxes, etc.
  • Choice of languages (English / German)
  • Creation and management of subdomains
  • Access to Webalizer statistics
  • Setting up or deleting MySQL databases independently
  • Creation of password-protected directories
  • Management and handling of email messages
    via Webmail
  • Setting up additional FTP users
  • Creating mailing lists and managing them
    with the web interface
  • Configuring spam protection
  • WebFTP
Webmail Organizer

Webmail Organizer

The Webmail Organizer is on the bottom level. Your customers can login worldwide to their own user interface to manage their email. The Webmail Organizer offers many features and personalization options.

The most favourite functions are:

  • Calendar tasks
  • Integrated address book
  • Spam filter settings
  • Email signatures
  • Colour scheme customization
  • Folder management

If you would like a demo account or have further questions about our reseller products, don’t hesitate – contact us at the following number: +41 84 800 80 80.
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