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Setting up an email address (in your Hosting Control Panel)

Setting up an email address 1

1. Login to your Hosting Control Panel.

You can find the link for this in the email with your login details ( (the X should be replaced by your server number).

Login:  Enter the web number "webX" (the X should be replaced by your personal web number) or your domain "".
Password: Enter your FTP password.
Setting up an email address 2

2.In the navigation panel on the left, click "Email" then "Email Addresses" from the dropdown menu.

Setting up an email address 3

3. You can now set up your email addresses here.

Enter your desired email address, as in the example, in the space provided and select "domain" from the dropdown menu. You can of course only create email addresses for the domains that are registered with us as main or additional domains.

On the right-hand side you can choose which mailbox the email address should refer to. If you have not yet set up any email addresses, select "Create new POP3 mailbox" from the dropdown menu.

If you want to create an email address that will be redirected to an external address (e.g. redirected to your private mail account with your Internet provider), select the item "Existing email" on the right and enter the external email address in the empty field.
Setting up an email address 4

4. You can also refer several email addresses to the same mailbox. This means that afterwards you only have to set up one account in your mail program rather than several.

A fully set up mail configuration could for instance look like this:

With this configuration, Hans Muster only has to set up a single account in his mail program, which accesses the
mailbox web1p1.

His colleague Peter has received his own account, so that he can set it up separately at his home ("web1p2").

Hans Musterís brother Franz, on the other hand, already has an email address at Bluewin and does not want to set up a special second account for the additional email address, so redirection to the existing email address is set up. This means he only has to access his Bluewin account, in which he will also receive emails that have been sent to "".

As you can see, 3 email addresses are marked with the the symbol State not created. This means that these addresses are still being set up and cannot yet be used.

The server needs a maximum of 5 minutes to establish an email address. Afterwards the symbol will be replaced by the normal "OK" symbol State created.

5. With this, the email configuration on the server has been completed.

You can now already access the mailboxes via Webmail.

For setting up addresses in your email program, please use the Guidelines in the corresponding section of our Support area.

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