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FTP permissions - CHMOD calculator for setting permissions

CHMOD description

CHMOD (from "change mode") is a command-line program with which file properties such as permissions can be altered.

Permissions can be divided into three types, which can be set for a file or a script:

Read permission: Permission to read a file (r as in read) (r like read)
Write permission: Permission to alter files (w as in write) (w like write)
Execute permission: Permission to execute files (as programs) (x as in execute) (x like execute)

Alterations to properties may be carried out by the file owner or the root user. The properties can be set on three levels: for the user, for all users within a group, for all other users.

This results in a code for the individual files, such as:

CHMOD sign of rights

This code means: the user has read and write permissions and the group as well as all other users only have read permission.

The so-called CHMOD can be set with the help of an FTP program.

CHMOD in the octal system

Another method of using CHMOD is in the use of numbers for the classification of access permissions, where digits in the octal system (0-7) are used.

CHMOD calculator

With the following script, you can work out the CHMOD for a file.

Read Read Read
Write Write Write
Execute Execute Execute

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