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AWStats login and functions

The AWStats statistics offer you an easy way of finding out how many interested visitors on the Internet access your website or certain areas of it.

To access AWStats statistics, proceed as follows:

AWStats  login and functions 1
1. Login to your Hosting Control Panel.

You can find the link for this in the email with your login details ( (the X should be replaced by your server number).

Login:  Enter the web number "webX" (the X should be replaced by your personal web number) or your domain "".
Password: Enter your FTP password.
AWStats  login and functions 2
2. In the navigation panel on the left, click "General" and select "Access statistics" from the dropdown menu.

AWStats  login and functions 3

3. In this window, click the "AWStats" button.

AWStats  login and functions 4

4. In the window that follows, you should enter your login details for the statistics server.

The username for the AWStats statistics server corresponds to your web number, in other words the same username that you have to use for logging in to the Control Panel. However, the password is separate and can be changed. In the installation of the website, the password for the statistics server is set as the same password as for the Control Panel, but in step 3 you can alter the password if required.

AWStats  login and functions 5

5. After logging in, this window will be displayed.

AWStats statistics will open. At the top you will see the menu items available to you, and the possible statistics for your website grouped into themes.

The individual menu items are briefly explained here:

You have the possibility of analysing visitor frequency according to "monthly history", "per day of the month" "weekdays" or "hours per day".

The lists here are of, on the one hand, visitors per country of origin and on the other hand, according to IP address (computer). You can also view recent access and details of all visits from bots and spiders (search engine information harvesters). Visitors whose IP address is not readable are mentioned under "Unresolved IP address".

How long on average do visitors stay on your website, which file types (html, php, jpg, mp3, etc.) are most accessed, on which page do visitors to your website enter and via which page do they exit? Both operating system and browser of individual visitors are recognized and listed. You can find all of this information under "Navigation".

How many external site accesses have led visitors to your website where did visitors to your website come from? How many and which search engines visit and index your website and how often do they visit it? You can also view here the frequency of search terms or search expressions with which Internet users have found your website. This information serves mainly for optimizing your website for search engines (meta-tags and registration on search engines).

Here, in "Other information" you can find out, for instance, how many visitors have added your website to their "Favorites" (Bookmarks). Also shown: how many HTTP error codes have been registered and how many pages visitors have not found, or how many links are apparently broken.


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