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Google Analytics with Designer

Support > Designer > Use

To enable Google Analytics, the web analytics tool, for the designer, follow these steps:

1. Google Analytics

First you need a «Google Analytics» account. Please note that all services offered by Google can usually be managed from one central account. If you already have a so-called Google account (e.g. if you use Google GMail), you do not need an additional account for the Google Analytics Tool. Then continue with point 4.

If you don't have a Google account, you can create one at Click on the link and then on «Create account» in the lower left corner. Then continue with point 2.

2. Create Google account

If you have clicked on «Create account», a new page «Create your Google Account» opens.

Enter your «first name» and «last name» here. Then you decide whether you want to insert an existing «email address» (private or business, which must then confirm), or whether you want to receive a new corresponding email address. Then select a new «password» of at least 8 characters, with a mixture of upper and lower case letters as well as numbers and symbols. Make sure you define a secure password. Then confirm your password by entering it a second time and then click «Next».

Google now wants, that you confirm your identity. Enter now the telephone number of your mobile phone. Then click «Next».

You will receive an SMS with a 6-digit code. Insert this code and click on «Confirm».

You will now be directed to the «Welcome to Google» page. Here you will see the data that has already been collected and confirmed, such as the «e-mail address» and «telephone number» of your mobile phone that you have chosen.

If you wish, you can enter an additional e-mail address here, which will be used for any account recovery. Now enter your correct «date of birth» (If you enter an incorrect date, Google could block you during the login process or make password recovery more difficult). Then select your «gender» and confirm your entries by clicking «Next».

The «Get more from your number» page opens. Here you can decide for yourself or choose how your telephone number may be used. Click «Yes, I'm in» or «Skip» accordingly.

You will now automatically be redirected to the «Privacy and Terms» page. Read them carefully and scroll down to the bottom. Activate or agree to the «Google Terms of Service» as well as the «Processing of your data» zu. Then click on «Create Account».

A small info popup will open. Here you can choose whether you want to adjust your personalized settings to your account or not. Click on «More options» to make the adjustments or on «Confirm» to create the account (then you will immediately be taken to point 3).

If you have selected «More options», go through these step by step and activate the corresponding procedures.

Once you have reached the bottom of the page with the settings, activate «Send me occasional reminders about these settings». So you can adjust them from time to time to your growing or changing needs.

Confirm your settings by clicking on «Create Account».

3. Google account created

If you received an external email address (so you didn't create a new email address), you'll receive an email with a confirmation link. Click on this link in the email you receive and activate your own Google Account.

If you opened your account with a gmail email address, you'll immediately be taken to the «Google Account Homepage».


You will be taken to the welcome page. Click on the blue button «Back to Google Analytics». Alternatively, enter the following link again in your browser line:

4. Sign in to Google analytics

To register with Google Analytics, open the following link in your browser:

You will immediately be redirected to the login screen for Google Analytics. Enter your email address or phone number and click «Next».

Now enter your password for your Google Account and click «Next».

5. Existing Google Analytics account

If you have already set up a Google Analytics account for your website, you can proceed as described in «Insert Google Analytics ID» under point 3.

6. Set up a new Google Analytics account

If you have not yet created a Google Analytics account for this website, or if you have not yet activated any use of Analytics, you will automatically be directed to this «start page». Click «Sign up» here.

You will immediately be redirected to the «New account» page. Enter the desired data as follows:

  • What would you like to track (Website or Mobile app)?: In this case, click on «Website».
  • Setting up your account: Enter a meaningful account name here. You can also simply enter the domain name for the sake of simplicity.
  • Setting up your property:
    Website name: Enter the name of your website or brand etc. here. Here e.g. «Our domain».
    Website URL: Select http or https and then insert the correct URL of your website. Here e.g. «».
    Industry category: Select the appropriate category of your industry from the dropdown menu. Here e.g. «Arts and Entertainment».
    Reporting Time Zone: Select the appropriate country from the dropdown menu. Here e.g. «Switzerland», then the time zone will be set automatically.
  • Data Sharing Settings: For data protection reasons (i.e. to protect your data), we recommend that you do not activate any of these services. So remove all check marks.

Then click on the «Get Tracking ID» button.

The «Google Analytics Terms of Service» pop-up will open. First select your country in the corresponding drop-down menu. Here e.g. «Switzerland».

After you have read the terms of use, activate the checkbox under «I also accept the Data Processing Terms as required by GDPR». Now click on «I accept» at the bottom left.

You will be automatically redirected to the management of your new Google Analytics account. The tracking ID (starting with UA-) will be highlighted.

7. Website tracking

Now copy the tracking ID starting with «UA-XXXXXXXXX-X» under the item «Website Tracking» and insert it in your designer under the menu item «Settings» - «Google analytics» ein (see instructions for inserting Google Analytics ID). After one day at the latest, you should now find all information about visitors on your website.

You may still have to confirm the ownership of the domain. If this is the case, you can do this as described under the following link from step 2.

8. Publish

Don't forget to «publish your website»so that the TrackingID is put online and «Google Analytics» can read it.

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