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Create backup

Support > Hosting > Backup

If you want to create a backup of the data in your hosting account, you have three options. «Instant backup», «Automatic backup» and «FTP backup» (save externally).

To create a backup, follow these instructions:

1. Log in

Log into My Panel (
(Log into My Panel)

2. Navigate

Click the «Hosting» menu item and then «Backup».

3. Select your subscription

Select the hosting subscription containing data you want to back up.


4. Create backup

Click «Create backup» under «Backup overview».

Instant backup

Select from the following configuration options:

Select the data you want to back up:

  • Website data
    These are the website files stored in the «/html» directory.
  • Databases
    These are the MySQL databases that you have set up for your hosting account.
  • Private data
    These are the private files stored in the «/files» directory on the FTP server.
  • Emails
    All emails stored in your hosting account.

Then click «Create» to start the backup immediately. Your backup starts immediately.

Automatic backup

Tick the box «Configure as an automatic backup» if you want to perform the backup on a regular basis.

Now fill in the various fields as required for your backup.

  • Interval
    You can choose between «Daily backup», «Weekly backup» and «Monthly backup».
    If you select «Weekly backup» or «Monthly backup», a new field box appears
  • Weekday or day
    Depending your choice («Weekly» or «Monthly»), you can select between the weekdays or days.
  • Hours
    Enter the hour (00–23) when you want to perform the backup.
  • Minute
    If desired, enter the minute (01–59) at which you want to perform the backup.
  • Number of backups
    Here you can set how many backups to keep (max. 3).

Then click «Create». Your backup job is saved and executed automatically at the desired times.

Note that you cannot activate the «Automatic backup» and «Save externally» options at the same time.

FTP backup (external backup)

Tick the box «Save externally» if you want to save the backup to an external server.

Then complete the various fields as required for the target server.

  • Hostname or IP address of server
    Enter the hostname (e.g. or IP address (e.g. of the external server to which you want to save your backup.
  • Directory
    Enter the directory path (e.g. /files/backup) of the directory into which you want to save your backup.
  • FTP user
    Enter the authorized FTP username (for the server) in this field.
  • FTP password
    Enter the appropriate password here.

Then click «Create». Your backup over FTP starts immediately.

Note that you cannot activate the «Save externally» and «Automatic backup» options at the same time.


5. Backup overview

The backups appear in the «Backup overview».

Depending on the type of backup, you have several options. The specific guides provide detailed information:

6. Maximum number of backups

The number of backup entries is limited depending on the hosting subscription (here e.g. 4 instant backups, 1 FTP backup and 1 automatic backup). If, as here in the example, four «Instant backup», 1 «FTP backup» and one «Automatic backup» are entered in the «Backup overview», ... error message appears when you attempt to create an additional backup.

You should therefore remove one of your backups to make space for a new one.

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