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Set up your own index page

Support > Hosting > Introduction

With an index page you can quickly add your own content to your domain - or set up a «maintenance» or «website under construction» page for an existing website.

1. Create file

Create a new text document by clicking the right mouse button on the desktop or in a folder and open it.

2. Fill index page

Insert the following text into the text document:

<!DOCTYPE html>

Replace the content «Title». This text will be displayed as a title in the browser tab when the index page is opened later.

Replace the content «Text». This text will be displayed horizontally centered as web page content when the index page is opened later.

Of course, you can also use your own HTML code or download a prepared index page using a search engine.

3. Rename file

The index page must now be named «index.html».

By right clicking on the text document you can select the option «Rename». Now enter «index.html» nd confirm the entry with the Enter key.

Also confirm any messages from your system regarding the file type change.

The file icon will now change. Now the icon of your default browser will be displayed.

4. Upload index page

Log into Web FTP ( according to the «Logging in to Web FTP» instructions and navigate to the «html» directory.

Create a directory here with «New folder»; name this, for example, «maintenance».

Then open the new directory and upload the created file «index.html» with «Upload files».

5. Switching to the Index Page on the Domain

The domain can now be assigned to the newly created directory with the index page in it.

The configuration can be done via My Panel in the area «Hosting», after navigating to the sub-category "Settings". Click on the arrow-icon of your website, then under "Redirects" click on "Edit forwarding".

After the popup shows up, click on the newly created folder (e.g. "maintenance") in wich you uploaded your index.html file.

As soon as the popup is updated, you can hit "save".

6. Call up the domain

A few minutes after the domain configuration, the index page is active on the defined domain or subdomain.

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