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Add email alias

Support > Mail > Email configuration

If you want to set up an email address without a separate mailbox, and instead have emails forwarded directly to an existing email address belonging to the selected hosting subscription, you can create an email alias by following these steps:

1. Log in

Log into My Panel (
(Log into My Panel)

2. Navigate

Click on «Mail» and then «Email addresses».

Email and table view

You can choose between two views under «Email addresses»:

  • Email view (account view) → Here you will see a list of the email accounts (email address, mailbox and email aliases) and then a section underneath for the email forwarders.
  • Table view (mailbox view) → Here you will see a list of mailboxes and the links between email addresses and mailboxes in the section below.

Please note that email aliases can only be created in the email view.

Add email alias in email view

In the email view, follow these steps to add an email alias:

1. Show details

In the «Email addresses» section, click the arrow symbol to the right of the desired email account to view its details.

2. Manage

You will see several buttons directly underneath. Click «Manage aliases».

3. Add

A pop-up window appears. Enter the email alias in the «Email address (local section)» (e.g. alias1), select the domain from the field underneath and then click «Add». Repeat these steps for all of the desired email alias addresses.

4. Save

Click «Save» to save the newly added aliases.

5. Overview

These email aliases will then be displayed in the detail view for the respective email account.

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