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Define categories

Support > Shop > Catalog / Products

Your shop will be installed with some standard categories or menu items. To obtain a «clean» structure, we recommend that you delete it and recreate your own categories. To do this, proceed as follows:

1. Overview Categories

To get to the overview of the categories, follow the instructions in «Manage Catalog» and select the «Categories» submenu. Then proceed as follows:

2. Delete standard categories

To obtain a «clean» structure in your shop, we recommend that you delete all standard categories. To do this, click on the «arrow symbol» for each category and then on «Delete».

A message box «What do you want to do with the products associated with this category?». Select what should happen to the articles - which belong to this category and subcategories - and confirm the deletion process by clicking on «Delete».

You will be automatically redirected to the overview page. Repeat this process until there are no more categories.

3. Create categories

In the title area of the categories you see the «Plus» symbol on the right. Click it to add a new category or menu item.

You can now write the required information, add an image for the category and enter the meta information (for SEO). Finally, define for which users (groups) this category is visible. Save your data by clicking on «Save».

You will automatically be taken to the overview page, where you can now see your new category.

4. Add sub-categories

To add a sub-category to an existing category, click on the «Plus» symbol again, top right.

Enter the sub-category in the same way as you entered the «Main category». Click on the word «Home» in the «Parent category» area and the view of all main categories opens. Select the desired one to which the newly created sub-category should belong and save your data by clicking on «Save».

You will be automatically redirected to an overview page, where you can now see your new sub-category.

To go to the overview page of the categories, click on «Back to list».

5. Open sub-category overview

You can always click on the corresponding category on the category overview...

...or right click on the button «View»... get to the overview page of the subcategories.

To enter the created categories in the menu or in the horizontal navigation bar, follow the instructions in «Module – Customize main menu».

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