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Products – Informations

Support > Shop > Catalog / Products

To enter, edit, change or adjust the informations for your article, proceed as follows:

1. Overview products

To get to the overview of the products, proceed according to the instructions «Add new product».

Click on «Add new product» or on «Edit» for the desired article.

2. Overview Edit

You will be automatically redirected to the first page «Information».

Here you can make the following settings:


Adapt product type

Here you can select the type of your product.

Standard product
A finished product that you offer. Possible with «Variants (Combinations)» and «Customization».

Pack of existing products
If the end product consists of different individual products, e.g. a gift basket (contains several individual articles) and you have activated «Extended Warehouse Management» (under Preferences / Products / Products stock). This reduces all individual items in your warehouse management when a customer buys a gift basket. No variants can be added here.

Virtual product
Ideal for services, bookings or products you offer for download. Here, too, some subdirectories such as «Shipping» and «Variants (Combinations)» are omitted, but the «Virtual product» section is added.

Define descriptions

In the next area, enter the desired name of your product, an product number (reference code) or even an «EAN-13 or JAN barcode» or a «UPC barcode».

Define activation / visibility

You can then define whether this product is already enable «yes or no». Under «Visibility» choose between «Everywhere / Catalog only / Search only / Nowhere». Define the options such as «Available for order» or «Online only» and enter the condition (New / Used / Refurbished) of the product.

Short description / Change description

In the «Short description» section you can enter the most important information about your product. And under «Description» you can insert all the detailed information about this product.

Capture tags

Under «Tags»", enter the desired search terms under which this article is to be found. Save your entry by clicking on «Save and stay».

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