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Price Rules – Add new voucher

Support > Shop > Price Rules

Gutscheine finden immer ein vielseitiges Einsatzgebiet, auch bei Online-Shops. Hier die Anleitung, wie Sie diese im Hoststar Shop erfassen können:

1. Log in

Log into the administration interface.

2. Navigate

Click on the menu item «Price Rules».

3. Overview

You will be directed to the «Price Rules / Cart Rules» overview page.

4. Add voucher / rule

Click on the «Plus» symbol or on «Add new cart rule» in the upper right corner to enter a voucher.

5. Voucher – Add information

In the «Information» section you can or must make the following settings:

  • Name: This is a required field.
  • Description: Visible only to you as shop admin. Not displayed to the customer.
  • Code: Enter your own code or click on the «Generate» button to generate a code.
  • Highlight: Select whether the voucher is displayed in the summary until the customer has placed it in the shopping cart.
  • Partial use: Select whether partial purchases (only applicable if the order value is smaller than the voucher value) are also possible.
  • Priority: Vouchers are applied according to priority.
  • Status: «Yes» corresponds to activated, «No» corresponds to deactivated.

6. Voucher – Add conditions

Then click on the «Conditions» tab to define the following settings:

  • Limit to a single customer: You can do this, for example, if you want to create a voucher for the value of the return for the customer. If the field is empty, the voucher is valid for all customers.
  • Valid: Enter the period in which the voucher can be redeemed or is valid.
  • Minimum amount: Define the minimum order value with or without VAT or shipping costs.
  • Total available: Determine how many customers can benefit from this voucher.
  • Total available for each user: Should this voucher be usable once or several times?
  • Restrictions: Define whether the voucher should only be used for selected customer groups or articles.

7. Voucher – Add actions

Then click on the «Actions» tab to define the following settings:

  • Free shipping: Defines whether the voucher is only valid for the value of the goods or also for the shipping costs (this is only possible for a fixed voucher amount).
  • Apply a discount: Here you define the actual value of the voucher, either on a percentage or amount basis. Depending on what you choose, further fields open.
  • Send a free gift: Activate or deactivate.

Then click on «Save».

8. Successfully added

The voucher or shopping cart rule will be saved immediately and you will be directed to the overview page. The successful storage is indicated at the top with the green «success message».

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