One cockpit for everything

Gone are the days when you needed a separate address and login details for each area. My Panel combines all features in one place: email accounts, databases, user information, domains, the Cloud and many other services can be accessed centrally from a clearly arranged menu.

Always the optimum display

In addition to our main product packages, we offer several upgrades as well. However, My Panel shows only the services you have purchased so that you can always keep track of things and efficiently manage your account.

Managing users

My Panel provides the ideal user administration interface: Create users for the Cloud module, FTP access or in the form of new email accounts. Create, edit or delete users however you want and with just a few mouse clicks.

Invoices and personal information

Your personal information is always available in My Panel. Change your address or view your invoices. Outstanding invoices can be paid directly online by credit card. The products overview shows you which services you have purchased and their current status.

Access while on the move

You can also manage your data in My Panel from smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the responsive design, My Panel is displayed perfectly on any device. Enjoy the independence this gives you.


Straightforward domain administration

My Panel provides a clearly organised list of domains sorted alphabetically or by group. You can renew, cancel or change them with the click of a mouse. This helps you keep track of things even if you have many domains.


Convenient single sign-on

My Panel works with what is known as a single sign-on system: Once you have logged in, you can use My Panel to access all services such as the Cloud, Web FTP or your email accounts – without having to enter your user name and password again.