The right managed server solution for your project

We provide systems that are individually tailored to your needs and requirements, not off-the-shelf managed servers.

All our managed servers have two things in common: You always receive a dedicated server, i.e. your own server only for you, and we provide the full support of your managed server. You will therefore receive a fully managed dedicated server from us.

Individual hardware and software

The system components are put together individually and suitably for your system.

Firewall included

Your server contains a firewall and the network in the data center is additionally protected against DDoS attacks.

1 Gbit/s connection

The server is connected to the network with a 1 Gigabit port and a guaranteed bandwidth of 1 Gbit/s.

Update services included

We keep your system up to date by updating your operating system and applications for you. If desired, the server hardware can also be replaced if a new technology becomes available.

24/7 monitoring

In the Network Operation Center, servers and applications are monitored by us around the clock so that we can react immediately if necessary.

Backups as desired

We are also happy to create backups for you. You simply tell us which data should be backed up and how often.

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CPU, RAM and memory as required

For your managed server, you can select the appropriate configuration from processor, memory and hard disk space. We will be happy to help you determine the right configuration for your system.


Individual operating system

We can install almost any operating system on your managed server. Choose the desired Windows, Linux or Unix OS for your project or let us suggest the one most suited for you.


Installation of desired software

We install and configure the desired software applications on your managed server. If you don't know exactly which applications are right for your project, we will be happy to suggest appropriate ones.


Support and updating

Your Managed Server will be fully maintained by us. We monitor your server around the clock, keep your operating system and software up to date, make backups and replace the hardware if necessary.

Gruppe von Menschen mit Einkaufstüten

Success-Story as Q & A

Read here why the makers of decided to use a Managed Server from Hoststar.

Logo von, schwarzes Logo einer Einkaufstüte auf blauem Hintergrund

What is is the most popular online platform for Black Friday in Switzerland. Every year, up to one million customers inform themselves about the best offers from Switzerland's largest shopping event for around eight days.

Who is behind

Behind the internet platform is the Samani GmbH of the two brothers Julian and Nicolas Zrotz. Julian has been following the Black Friday trends from abroad for years, when the shopping event was still practically unknown in Switzerland. When Manor was the first Swiss retailer to bring the discount day to Switzerland in 2015, Julian was in various local branches and saw the fascination that the bargain event exerted not only on him, but also on many other people.

Why was the platform founded?

As Black Friday became more and more known in Switzerland, but there was still no platform on which consumers could inform themselves about the best offers, the Zrotz brothers decided to set up the website.
In its first year of existence, the platform was already visited over 500,000 times during Cyber Week, had a presence on SRF1, and was on the front page of the newspapers «20 Minuten» and «Blick».

«The competent technical advice, the fast support and the straightforward commissioning of the Managed Server show me, that I have chosen the right partner with Hoststar»

Nicolas Zrotz,

Reihe von vielen, aneinander geketteten Einkaufswägen

Are there any other projects?

In addition to, the Zrotz brothers also operate other couponing platforms such as, Switzerland's largest bargain, deal and voucher site with over 200,000 visits per month (as of September 2018).
These various projects with high visitor peaks represent a major challenge for the technical infrastructure.

How were the platforms technically operated before?

Both projects, and, were started on a shared Hoststar hosting. With the rapidly increasing number of visitors to the Wordpress based platforms, the performance of a shared hosting solution was soon no longer sufficient. The first performance problems were emerging around Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017, although the platforms had already been split between several shared hostings on different servers at that time. Since other customers also use the same server for shared hosting, this led to small crashes of both platforms when the load was high.
A new solution had to be found for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018, which also included a backup scenario, as an increase in the number of visitors was expected.

«An uninterrupted, high-performance operation of our platform during Black Friday Week is of utmost importance for us and our partners.»

Julian Zrotz,

Eine Frau, welche 2 Einkaufstueten trägt

Which solution was chosen to be able to operate the platforms successfully even with the higher visitor numbers?

The solution to cope with the higher visitor numbers was to switch to a managed server. The server performance was thus exclusively available for the two platforms of Samani GmbH. In cooperation with Hoststar, the optimal server system was selected, installed and configured according to customer requirements. Hoststar also provides support and monitoring. Around Black Friday, additional extended support is guaranteed and a virtual server is also available to cover the peaks of visitor access if required. Load distribution is via DNS and Cloudflare. This ensures that the Black Friday website is available at all times and without noticeable delays.

What is your experience with Hoststar's Managed Server?

The platform was successfully migrated to the managed server by Hoststar without interruption. The measurable performance has multiplied. The loading times on the managed server are 3 times shorter compared to the previous shared hosting solution. The server has been running without interruption since the move. Special customer requests were immediately implemented by Hoststar.

Who is a Managed Server for?

Managed servers are suitable if you do not want to take care of the technical maintenance of the server yourself and have requirements that cannot be covered by a shared hosting.

Possible deployment scenarios are as follows: Websites or online shops with high user traffic; own cloud storage; intranet; use of technologies that cannot be used for shared hosting or services that require high availability.
The list is not conclusive. We would be happy to advise you on your project.

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