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As an innovative idea, Hoststar offers the possibility to register your Webhosting under a canton domain.

With TLDs such as .BE, .SO or .AG, which may be associated with the Swiss cantons, you can show where your company has its headquarters. As a private person, you can also show other people at first glance, in what region you are at home or for which canton your heart beats. With this unique marketing opportunity you will definitely distinguish yourself from your competitors. Take your chance and register your own Swiss canton domain now!

The following Swiss canton domains are available:

Emblem Canton .TLD Price incl. VAT*  
official affiliation
Aargau Aargau .AG 149.90 CHF  
Antigua & Barbuda
Appenzell-Innerhoden Appenzell Inner Rhodes .AI 189.90 CHF  
Bern Bern .BE 29.90 CHF  
Bern Basel-City .BS 749.90 CHF  
The Bahamas
Glarus Glarus .GL 99.90 CHF  
Freiburg Fribourg .FR 69.90 CHF  
Graubünden Graubünden .GR 79.90 CHF  
Luzern Lucerne .LU 49.90 CHF  
St. Gallen St. Gallen .SG 99.90 CHF  
Solothurn Solothurn .SO 49.90 CHF  
Schffhausen Schaffhausen .SH 119.90 CHF
Saint Helena
* With all TLD's, which can be associated with the Swiss cantons, there are no additional registration cost.

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