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Guideline for domain transfer to Hoststar and the documents required to.

You will find the required document for the transfer below, the KK application:

1. The domain owner has to complete this document with the missing address details.

2. The current responsible authority for the domain name must clearly identify the domain owner on the basis of this document. Therefore, the sender
     information in this document has to match with the information which is deposit in the WHOIS database. You can retrieve the information of the
     WHOIS database as follows:

If the domain owner has letterhead, it is certainly useful to print and forward the transfer document on it.

    To avoid uncertainty concerning the domain owner information, the transfer document can also complemented with a copy of identification or a
    passport from the relevant person.

3. Afterward, the document must send to the current provider or register authority with location, date and signature.

    Corresponding address details you will also find in the WHOIS database, if they do not exist.

4. Therewith the transfer process can proceed smoothly, it makes any sense to inform the current provider or the current registrar previously
     about this change by email or phone.

5. We also need a so-called AUTH-ID to take over a domain by our partner for domain name registrations. In general it is possible to recall it by
     the personal login information, which the domain owner has received for its management after the new registration of the domain name.

6. It is also a must, that the "LOCK-STATUS" (domain protection) is removed from the domain. The domain can only be taken over by
     a new registrar in this case.

    Please remove this "LOCK-STATUS" over the online administration tool of the domain name. The owner should have received the access
    information for this tool after the new registration of the domain by the current registrar.

    If this change should not be possible, you may apply this adjustment of status at the current registrar of the domain by email.

7. As soon as you could get the mentioned AUTH-ID in experience at the current registrar and it is 100% guaranteed, that the "LOCK-STATUS"
    has been removed from the domain, we ask you to forward us a copy of the complete filled transfer form with the additional supplementing
    of the AUTH-ID.

    Email:    or   Fax: +41 (0)31 760 10 44.

    The domain name registration fee becomes due for payment at this point. You will receive an email with the appropriate payment information from us!

8. Then we will start the transfer process on our part at our partner for domain registrations.

    A transfer process can take several days. Therefore it is important that the domain owner answer possible takeover applications within shortest delay.

    The email contact address, which is using for this process, can you also take from the current WHOIS database entry of your domain name.

    If this email contact is no more available, we ask you to contact the current registration authority of your domain directly.

10. You will receive a message from us after the transfer has finished.

11. Have you thought about the most important points?

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