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Profit from innumerable hosting benefits!

Hoststar webhosting makes all the difference - thanks to loads of new developments and unbeatable benefits. Here we present a small sample of all the advantages you enjoy as a hosting customer of Hoststar!


StarPagemaker - In 5 steps to a professional website!

Hoststar’s StarPagemaker is a web-based application of the next generation for creating and editing websites. The 5-step wizard allows you to easily create, modify and update your own professional quality website. You need no technical HTML knowledge, the formatting is set up to handle like a word processing program and can be accessed via any Internet browser. This application is included  in your Hoststar webhosting package and you can apply for it free of charge in your my.hoststar area.

  • enables you to establish a website in 5 minutes
  • no HTML knowledge required
  • over 100 professional design templates
  • user interface easy to use with mouse
  • extensive set of features
  • Flash Intro, e.g. for startpage
  • meta-tag section for search engine optimization
  • guest book, and much more.
Interested?   Info page  -  Demo version
Control Panel

Hoststar Control Panel - Manage your platform in the easiest way possible!

Easy and fast management via your personal Hoststar Control Panel. You benefit from the high functionality and can set up all the key services and functions relating to your domain and your storage space independently and with no waiting time!

Our Hoststar Control Panel takes care of the management of:
PrintScreen Hosting Control Panel
  • Mailing lists
  • Email addresses
  • Spam protection
  • Pop3 user
  • FTP user
  • Web FTP
  • MySQL databases
  • Your own error pages
  • Password safety
  • Cronjobs
  • CGI / Perl
  • Statistics
Info page: Hoststar Control Panel
Webmail Organizer

Hoststar Webmail Organizer - stay mobile!

We offer you your own personal Hoststar Webmail Organizer (Internet mail program) with which you have worldwide around the clock access to your data. Your personal GroupWare manager via web browser! The integrated GroupWare manager will facilitate collaboration with employees, partners, etc. In addition, a common calendar in which you can assign tasks to other people will be of help. It is easy to organize work processes across temporal and spatial distances via GroupWare.

Take advantage of all Webmail features such as Webmail mailbox management, email archiving, calendar, task scheduling, notepad, address data management and full GroupWare functions independently of your computer and location!

Info page: Hoststar Webmail Organizer

Outlook Synchro - Synchronized appointments – anytime, anywhere!

Synchronize your Hoststar Webmail Organizer with your email client such as Outlook, or your PDA or Pocket PC. Then you will be equipped anytime and anywhere with current appointments, contacts, notes, etc. whether online or on the go!

The matching of your appointments and contacts, etc., whether for business or pleasure, becomes a mere detail.
Just press a button! Your agenda will be up-to-date – anytime, anywhere!

Info page: Outlook Synchro
Software Center

Software Center - Free of charge fully automatically installable programs!

As a Hoststar customer you benefit from innumerable fully automatically installable programs, totally free of charge.

Since the installation of various technologies such as forums, forms, guestbooks, etc., is time-consuming and complex, we offer you these already preconfigured in your webhosting package. Via your Hosting Control Panel, select the program you want, and with one click it is already installed.

  • CMS
    Typo 3
  • Photo gallery      
  • Blog
  • Forum
Info page: Software Center
Picture Box

StarPicturebox - Choose from around 10 million images!

Take advantage of the StarPicturebox in the design of your website and select the appropriate images from a choice of over 10 million. Your advantage as a Hoststar webhosting customer is, apart from a massive selection of images, a detailed search function plus a bonus for purchasing images!

All images can be used for various applications such as:

  • website design
  • creation of newsletters or icons
  • production of printed media
  • advertising
Info page: StarPicturebox
Printscreen Picture Box
SSL certificates

SSL Certificates - More security for your website!

In the era of e-commerce the subject of security on the Internet is increasingly important. Sensitive data such as credit card numbers, passwords or address data should therefore always be transmitted in encrypted form when surfing the Internet. In order to enable encrypted transmission, your Internet service provider must fulfil the necessary conditions. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol protects your website and increases the trust of your customers because:

  • there is encryption of confidential data in online transactions
  • the SSL Certificate contains information about the owner of the certificate
  • the certifying body checks the identity of the certificate owner
Info page: SSL Certificates
My.Hoststar Center

my.Hoststar - Monitoring, data, forms & news - always online!

The my.hoststar area is a free administration and information interface for our webhosting customers.
With this platform, the following are just some of the functions you can carry out:

  • Monitoring:
  • Customer Data:
  • Additional Domain:
  • Additional Services:
  • Software:
  • News Section:
PrintScreen My.Hoststar Center
Visit us:
Mobile Management Apps

Mobile Apps - with iPhone and Android App manage informations!

We are mobile now! - The Hoststar iPhone and Android Apps are new developments for our webhosting customers and offers the possibility to manage all informations about your hosting package around the clock with your iPhone or Smartphone.

The following functions are available:
  • Newsbereich - Informations about the hosting offers from Hoststar
  • my.Hoststar - Their customer data, invoices and application forms
  • Monitoring - Check the availability of services on your server
  • Whois - Look now on the way if your desired domain name is still available

Info page: iPhone App | Android App
Login - Mobile Management App from Hoststar       my.Hoststar - Mobile Management App from Hoststar       Monitoring - Mobile Management App from Hoststar    

SEO - free & automatic registration with search engines!

In the Search Engine Optimization section, you will find useful tools and links to position your website more favourably in search engines. Here you can also add your website to several search engines automatically. This increases your chances of being found on the Internet.

Search engine logos

The automatic search engine registration tool is available free of charge in the my.hoststar area.

Info page: SEO - search engine registration tool
Virus and spam protection

5x Antivirus & Spam Protection - No more unsolicited emails!

Spam emails, sometimes called junk emails, are usually undesirable, very annoying, advertising emails! Everyone who communicates via email is familiar with this problem...

  • Hoststar spam protection is programmed on the basis of the experience of our expert server administrators and support teams, and scans all incoming mail.
  • In addition, the Hoststar blacklist is synchronised with three international antispam-databases, which guarantees reliable and effective blocking of spam. With the entry in the blacklist of the spam servers in question (open relay servers**), whole waves of spam can be stopped.
  • The Hoststar OCR spam filter (text recognition software for image data) recognises spam emails that are based on graphics and reliably filters these out.
  • The Hoststar virus scanner checks all emails for infected content and automatically deletes infected emails.
  • The Hoststar FTP virus protection checks all files and data for every data transfer on or from our servers, and stores these only after thorough control.

Our entire server farm is protected by ultra-modern firewall technology and monitored 24/365 in our Network Operating Center.

We wish our webhosting customers renewed pleasure in receiving emails!

** Open relay servers are email servers via which anyone can send emails.
Many spammers abuse such open mail servers to send their advertising emails via foreign servers.
E-commerce software for free

StarE-Commerce - Free software for your online business!!

With the StarE-commerce package, Hoststar offers the the best solution for your online business!

Choose the best e-commerce software from the package according to your needs and requirements and with just one click it will be installed directly on your hosting account from our Software Center!
And all this is completely free!

Thanks to good administration interfaces and innumerable helpful tools, your online store will be just as you designed it, with minimum effort and just a few adjustments. Start now with your online business!

Choose from the following products:
  • osCommerce      
  • CubeCart
  • WebShopmanager
  • ZenCart
  • AgoraCart
  • Creloaded
Info page: StarE-Commerce
Typo3 technologies

Typo3 - Superlative web technology!

TYPO3 is a Content Management System tailored to the needs of companies for Internet, intranet and extranet. TYPO3 offers functions and modules as well as an extension interface for a maximum of application possibilities.

  • Decentralized maintenance
    Works with any web browser. You can edit without bottlenecks when and where you want.
  • For authors without a technical background
    Anyone who has mastered word processing can also create online content in TYPO3.
  • Configurable access restrictions
    Users can be assigned roles and permissions, so that unauthorized alteration of content is effectively prevented.
  • Preservation of design specifications
    Content is stored separately from design. Consequently, the entire content of all authors is output consistently in one design.
  • Automatic navigation generation
    Menus are typically generated from database content. Hyperlinks will only be represented if they link to valid pages.
  • Storage of contents in a database
    Central Content Storage means that contents are re-used in various places and appropriately formatted for the medium in question (web browser, mobile phone/WAP, PDA, print).
  • Dynamic content
    Modular extensions like forums, surveys, shops, applications, search functions and news management are available for use as modules.
  • Regular updates
    You don’t need a web agency for small changes, you can make them yourself.
  • Content cooperation
    The functionality of TYPO3 encourages higher update frequency, strengthens content responsibility and promotes cooperation among  authors.
Money-back guarantee

30-day money back guarantee - We keep our promises!

You have plenty of time to thoroughly test our hosting offer. If you are not satisfied within 30 days with Hoststar as an Internet service provider and cancel your account within this time, our 100% money-back guarantee means you will be reimbursed.

Quality doesn’t always have to be expensive!
Give us the opportunity to prove this to you.
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