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SSL Certificates - More security for your website!

In the era of e-commerce the subject of security on the Internet is increasingly important. Sensitive data such as credit card numbers, passwords or address data should therefore always be transmitted in encrypted form when surfing the Internet.

The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol protects your website and increases the trust of your customers because:

  • There is encryption of confidential data in online transactions
  • the SSL Certificate contains information about the owner of the certificate
  • the certifying body checks the identity of the certificate owner
We recommend the use of SSL encryption if you operate in e-commerce, accept online orders and credit cards, or if the private sphere of others is important to you.

To meet these needs, we offer our customers three variations of the implementation of an encrypted connection via SSL protocol. Simply apply for your SSL Certificate in your my.hoststar area under 'Additional Services/SSL Certificates’.

Products - SSL Certificate

  FREE-SSL Standard-SSL Premium-SSL
Browser compatibility 99.3% 99.3% 99.3%
Encryption level 128/256 128/256 128/256
Domain Your own domain or subdomain Your own domain or subdomain
Validation - Domain validation Domain + Business validation
Installation free of charge free of charge free of charge
SSL Certificate fee / year free of charge CHF 49.90* CHF 149.90*
Product Description

Free SSL - offer to individuals and small businesses

With Free SSL you have the option of accessing domain names that are managed in your hosting package via an encrypted connection. The basis of this SSL Certificate is the domain ‘’. (In contrast, a fee-based certificate is issued in your own domain name.)

If certain basic rules in the use of Free SSL are adhered to, the safety standard of this certificate is absolutely comparable to that of a fee-charging SSL key.


Offer for individuals, SME and associations

Do you want to run a webshop personally? Or do you want visitors to your company’s website to be able to access your company’s homepage via a secure connection? Then a Standard SSL Certificate is just right for you!

Visitors to your website can thus immediately ascertain that the domain via which your website is running effectively belongs to you personally or your company. This safety standard is based on so-called domain validation.

The 128/256 bit data encryption corresponds to the industry standard and thus covers the needs of a conventional website operator in every respect.


Offer for companies in the commercial register

Do you run a professional website, which requires an optimum level of security? Choose the high quality Premium SSL Certificate!

In addition to the standard domain validation, the specific company data is examined upon application for an SSL Premium Certificate. The certificate data – visible to the visitor when accessing your website – includes well-founded information about the domain owner and greatly increases trust in your company.

The encryption level meets the most stringent safety regulations and complies with the 128/256 bit industry standard.

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