.swiss domains can now be registered with us

11. January 2016 - Products

Just in time for the general opening of .swiss domains, they can be registered with us. Domains with the ending .swiss are intended to emphasise the origin and the anchoring with Switzerland and are subject to special conditions. With us, .swiss domains cost CHF 139.90 per year.

The new .swiss domain extension is only available to organisations connected to Switzerland and symbolises the Swiss cross in the domain name.

With the general opening of the .swiss domain on January 11, 2016, the following organisations can apply for registration:

  • Swiss public bodies – Confederation, cantons, communes – or organisations under public law;
  • Companies, associations, foundations and sole proprietorships entered in the Swiss Commercial Register that have their registered office and physical, administrative headquarters in Switzerland;
  • Associations and foundations without an entry in the Swiss commercial register have their registered office and a physical, administrative headquarters in Switzerland.

For now, natural persons cannot submit an application for registration (except for persons entered in the commercial register).

If these basic requirements are met, an application for a Swiss domain can be submitted. The applications are checked and published for 20 days on https://www.nic.swiss. The registration will be confirmed unless an objection is raised or multiple requests are received for the same domain name.

The Federal Office of Communications operates the .swiss domain. You can find more information about the conditions at https://dot.swiss/facts