FreeSSL neu mit Let’s Encrypt und standardmässig aktiv

19. November 2016 - Products

Wir haben unser FreeSSL-Angebot angepasst. Neu wird zu jeder Domain und Subdomain automatisch ein SSL-Zertifikat von Let’s Encrypt erzeugt und installiert. FreeSSL beinhaltet künftig ein vollwertiges domainvalidiertes SSL-Zertifikat von Let’s Encrypt. Als Kunde müssen Sie dafür nichts tun, da die... Read more

.swiss-Domains jetzt bei uns registrierbar

11. January 2016 - Products

Pünktlich zur allgemeinen Öffnung der .swiss-Domains, können diese bei uns registriert werden. Domains mit der Endung .swiss sollen die Herkunft und die Verankerung mit der Schweiz hervorheben und sind deshalb an besondere Bedingungen geknüpft. Bei uns kosten .swiss-Domains 139.90 Franken... Read more

Designer advert nominated for Swiss Film Prize

26. October 2015 - General

Our advert spot for Designer has been nominated for Edi.15, the official award for Swiss films, in the Commercials, TV and Cinema category . We’re absolutely delighted to be nominated! The Edi.15 award ceremony will be held on 5 November... Read more

New website and new products

05. May 2015 - General

We are pleased to present our new website and new products. After three years of intensive development work, our customers can now benefit from new and expanded products, such as Designer, our new website design software, and Cloud storage for... Read more

SWITCH-ing off! Move your domain to Hoststar today.

03. July 2014 - Products

From 2015, SWITCH is ending its direct client business with .ch domains. This is a result of a recommendation from BAKOM, the Swiss Federal Office of Communications that .ch domains also adhere to the globally standard separation of roles. Until... Read more

Vulnerability in OpenSSL!

09. April 2014 - Security

Yesterday a vulnerability (Heartbleed Bug) was announced in the open source encryption software OpenSSL. It affects at least two-thirds of websites and internet service providers worldwide. The vulnerability can enable an attacker to read up to 63 kilobytes from a... Read more

A new home for your .li domain!

14. January 2013 - Products

SWITCH will no longer be administering .li domains. All owners of domain names ending in .li have been officially informed of this by SWITCH in the last few days. According to its message, SWITCH has decided to end its direct... Read more

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