Keeping everything under control

One login for everything: My Panel from Hoststar. My Panel provides all features needed to manage your servers with a modern and straightforward design.

My Panel

Your data in one place

Simple, secure and available from anywhere: Access all of your data anytime and anywhere. This is what you call freedom: Cloud from Hoststar. Available from any device with internet access.


One-click installation of free applications

We let you benefit from a large number of free web applications that you can have installed completely automatically, thus saving you time. With just a single click, you can install blogs, forums, forms, content management systems (CMS), shops and much more.


Always the latest software

Lower the cost and complexity of your software: SaaS (Software as a Service) is the new way in IT. You lease the software that is right for you and perfectly customised to meet your needs. Secure, up-to-date and available from any computer with internet access.

Web Apps

Management on the move

The Hoststar apps are proprietary products that let you use your smartphone or tablet to manage your account even when you are on the move. This gives you access to all of the My Panel features anywhere, anytime.

Windows Phone

Online sales

Shop from Hoststar makes it easy to take the first step towards creating your own online shop. Set up your shop with just a few clicks. Select one of the premium pre-made designs, customise it to meet your needs and enter your products.


More email with MailPro

MailPro from Hoststar opens up more possibilities: seamless synchronisation of emails, contacts and calendar items on any device, upgradeable groupware functions and an integrated archive function.


A picture paradise

Pictures from Hoststar offers benefits when designing your website: Choose from over 30 million pictures, videos and vector graphics to find the right subjects for your web pages. You also benefit from a discount on image purchases.


Move service for your website

With Move, nothing stands in the way of switching to Hoststar. No matter who currently hosts your website and where you have registered your domain(s), our team of experts can move your website within a short period of time.


Expert advice and support

Do you need help with your web hosting service? Do you have questions about your CMS? Are you looking for someone to create pictures for your website? Coach from Hoststar is the solution: a network of professionals in various web sectors is exclusively available to you as a Hoststar customer.


Security & Monitoring

Three different SSL certificates ensure secure data transfer at all times. The SEO tool, which includes features and tips for improving the ranking of your website, helps you achieve the ideal rank in search engine results.

The monitoring service and statistics servers make sure you are always able to keep track of everything, whether it's the status of all services in the real-time view, an overview of visitor numbers for each page or a list of where your site visitors originate. These details and plenty of other information are presented in one place and in a visually clear manner.

All of your domains in one place

The Domain Manager lets you manage all of your domains in one place. This lets you always keep track of domain name extensions, settings and contract terms as well as register new domains.

Domain Manager