Make your website more secure and trustworthy!

As e-commerce becomes increasingly common, internet security (SSL certificates) is becoming more and more important as well. Sensitive data such as credit card information, passwords and addresses should therefore be transferred over the internet in encrypted form. In addition, SSL encryption for your website is a positive ranking factor for search engines. We can configure the necessary settings for using an SSL certificate for you free of charge. You pay only the annual fee for the SSL certificate.

What characterises an SSL certificate from Hoststar?


Security certificate

The SSL certificate protects data transfer to and from your website with 128/256-bit encryption, giving your website visitors better security. In addition, SSL certificates contain information about their owners, which is verified by the certifying authority to ensure unmistakeable identification of the certificate owner.



Use encryption whenever you work with sensitive data such as credit card details or personal information, for instance, if you are running an online shop. The certificate data visible to website visitors and which delivers trustworthy information via the domain owner increases the trustworthiness of a website many times over.


Quality label

To meet the varying standards of our customers, we offer three different SSL certificates and work with one of the leading certificate issuing authorities. Each SSL certificate works with an encryption level that meets the strictest security regulations and complies with the 128 or 256-bit industry standard.


Device compatibility

The paid SSL certificates from Hoststar are 99.3 percent compatible with the most popular web browsers, operating systems and customer platforms. Your visitors can therefore visit your website or web shop no matter what browser or device they are using and also provide their personal information in confidence and worry-free.

  • over 90 percent compatibility
  • 128 or 256-bit encryption
  • for your own domains and their subdomains
  • domain validation
  • no guarantee
  • installed by default
  • public website
  • 99,9 percent compatibility
  • 128 or 256-bit encryption
  • for your own domain or subdomain
  • customer validation
  • USD 10,000 guarantee
  • free installation
  • online shop or customer portal
  • 99,9 percent compatibility
  • 128 or 256-bit encryption
  • for your own domain and its subdomains
  • customer validation
  • USD 10,000 guarantee
  • free installation
  • online shop and customer portal

Custom SSL certificate solutions

Starting with the StarBiz hosting package, you can also install your own certificates. This means that all certificate types are available to you: be it Domain Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV) or Extended Validation (EV) with the variants Single-Domain, Wilcard or Multi-Domain. The SSL certificates only have to support shared IP addresses.

Free SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt

With FreeSSL, you automatically receive a free SSL certificate issued by Let's Encrypt for each domain and subdomain. Let's Encrypt's FreeSSL certificates provide you with basic protection for secure data transfer to and from your website. If you have higher requirements for an SSL certificate, we recommend our paid SSL certificates, which offer insurance protection among other benefits.