Creating quality together with our partners

Thanks to the long-standing and intensive cooperation with the leading providers of software, hardware and services in the IT and communications sector, we are able to provide our customers the best possible service at all times.

SWITCH is the authority responsible for the administration of domain names with .ch extensions. As a long-standing partner, it also provides the ideal foundation for straightforward domain handling.

As one of the world's largest IT companies, Google offers a wide range of programs and services. Hoststar is certified as an official partner of Google to offer customers Google apps for business.

Our company depends on a reliable and stable communications infrastructure. Swisscom is a well reputed partner, so we know we can always expect the highest level of quality.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is one of the largest computer hardware manufacturers in the world. Its name has been synonymous with quality and dependability since its founding in 1939. By using HP hardware, Hoststar is guaranteed a stable foundation for its infrastructure.

Only if we have powerful and reliable hardware can we offer high performance services. For this reason, our network operations centre (NOC) is equipped with Hewlett-Packard products and high-quality hardware from Dell.

Microsoft is a multinational software provider that has evolved to become the market leader in the area of operating systems and office applications. We use Microsoft software in our NOC in order to deliver top performance.

SWICO is the Swiss Business Association for Information, Communication and Organisational Technology. Over 400 providers and manufacturers in the ICT/CE industry belong to the organisation, making it one of the most important business associations in Switzerland.

The Federal Office of Communications (BAKOM) is a federal authority for regulating the telecommunications and radio market in Switzerland. The BAKOM provider number of Multimedia Networks AG is 2511256.

Sverigekredit is an independent comparison service of credit companies. It compares SMS loans, personal loans, mortgages and credit cards so that its customers can find the cheapest loan with the best conditions for their financing.