hoststar Infrastructure

Data center - server infrastructure with maximum security

As a Swiss hosting service provider, we attach great importance to impeccably high quality! For this reason, large investments are made every year in redundant (precautionary duplication) and fail-safe operation.

The web platforms of Hoststar - Multimedia Networks AG are operated in ultra-high-performance and maximum-security data-processing centers.

Your website data is on state-of-the-art servers that are fully redundant (precautionary duplication) from hard drive to power supply to network connection.



  • Security against failure with
    multiple-redundancy upstreams

  • 200 GBit/s DE-CIX
  •   60 GBit/s Level3
  • 60 GBit/s Init7
  • 50 GBit/s Private Peerings
  • 40 GBit/s German Telekom
  • 30 GBit/s Noris Network
  • 20 GBit/s KPN
  • 20 GBit/s Cogent
  • 10 GBit/s Global Crossing
  • 10 GBit/s Aixit
  • 10 GBit/s N-IX
  • 10 GBit/s AMS-IX

Noris Network LambdaNet Aixit DE-CIX Tiscali
power supply

Power supply

An uninterrupted power supply is guaranteed by a 15-minute battery capacity and emergency-power diesel generators.

The current power requirement is 100% covered by renewable energy, namely by carbon dioxide-free and environmentally friendly hydropower. Ecologically considered, the energy produced from flowing water is one of the most environment-friendly forms of electricity generation. Our energy system has been awarded the certificate of the Swiss climate-protection organization myclimate!

Nature Energy


With a total area of 6,500 m² and a capacity of approximately 50,000 servers, care is taken with spatial distribution from a security point of view.

The data-processing centers are not recognizable as such from the outside.

Fire protection/Air conditioning

Fire protection / Air conditioning

A modern fire alarm system is directly connected to the fire alarm center of the local fire department. If failures should occur within the system, the security company would be informed automatically. In this regard, special door and locking systems are  also installed.

The air conditioning system operates via the double floor: both the room temperature and the temperature of  the server and distributor cabinets is controlled.

Fire protection/Air conditioning


Surveillance cameras are used for 24/7 monitoring of entrances and server rooms.
Electronic access control allows entry to authorized persons,  after an appointment has been made and after an ID check on the spot.