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Add post

Support > Designer V1 > Blog

You can write posts (blog articles) at any time and publish them straight away or later as you prefer.

After «logging into Designer», follow these steps:

1. Navigate

Click the «Blog» menu item.

2. Blog overview

Here you see the «Posts» page of the «Blog». If you have not yet created any posts yet, the overview will be empty. Now click «Add post».

3. Create post

Enter a title for your post in the «Untitled post» text field.

Enter the text of your post in the text field below. There are several formatting and layout tools situated above the text field for polishing your blog post’s appearance (e.g. «B» for «bold»).

Click «Save» to save your changes. Your data is automatically saved as you work (see note in the upper-right corner).

If you scroll down a bit, you will see a space where you can add details about your post.

You can add some brief information for the post’s overview page under «Summary».

Add a main image for your post under «Feature image».

Add a category to your post under «Category». Add a new category by clicking the «arrow» icon and then «Add new».

Enter keywords under «Tags». Enter the desired words and then click the «+» icon each time to add a new keyword.

After you have entered a title, a URL is automatically generated under «Permalink».

Then click «Save».

4. Preview

You can use «Preview» feature to review your post and then perform any necessary changes. Simply click «Edit» and make the desired changes to your post. Click «Save» or «Publish» to complete the process.

5. Overview of posts

The recently saved post now appears under the «Posts» menu item. All posts are saved as a «draft», meaning that they are not yet «published».

To publish or manage this post, follow the instructions in «Managing posts».

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