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Image editing / Photo editor

Support > Designer V1 > Images

Designer from Hoststar includes a comprehensive photo editor. You can use it to edit, crop and change any photo you upload, at any time and any way you like.

After «logging into Designer», follow these steps:

1. Navigate

Click the menu item «Images».

2. Images overview

When you hover the mouse pointer over an image, three icons appear:

  • i icon:image information. Click this icon to view the full URL of the image.
  • x icon:delete the image (not possible for «Stock images» that you have acquired with credits).
  • Paint brush icon: image editor.

Click the «paint brush» icon.

3. Image editor

After selecting an image, it is loaded in Designer. The image-editing tools are visible in the upper area. Clicking the «arrow» icon expands the tool selection. Edit the image as you want.

4. Save

Click «Save» to apply your changes as a new image.

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