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Support > Designer > Site settings

A favicon (short for favourite icon) is a graphic 16x16 or 32x32 pixels in size and of the file type .ico. Favicons are sometimes visible in the browser’s address bar to the left of the URL, where they help to identify the website. Some older mobile devices cannot display favicons larger than 4 KB. To create an .ico favicon, you can use one of the many «favicon generators» available on the web.

After «logging into Designer», follow these steps:

1. Navigate

You begin on the home page of Designer's editor and are thus in the «Site editor» view. Click left on the menu item «Site settings».

You can now see the «Site status» page of the «Site Settings» area.

Click on «Favicon» in the menu on the left.

2. Favicon overview

The overview page is now displayed. Here you have the possibility to upload your own favicon.

3. Upload favicon

After you have created your favicon with the file type .ico and not larger than 32x32 pixels, click here on the button «Choose an image».

4. Select file

Select the desired favicon file in your folder and file structure and click on «Open».

5. Successful upload

The file is immediately uploaded to the server and a success message is displayed.

6. Remove

You can delete your favicon at any time by clicking on «Remove». The favicon is immediately deleted. The favicon will be deleted immediately and a success message will be displayed.

7. View favicon

Once you have «published your website», you can check to see how your favicon looks in a browser.

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