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Setting up FileZilla

Download the installation file for FileZilla (see FileZilla or Software Archiv).

FileZilla setup 1

1. After you have downloaded FileZilla, run the downloaded .exe file.

You must first select the desired language and confirm with "OK".

Then confirm the license agreement with "Accept".

FileZilla setup 2
2. We recommend that you adopt the same configuration as illustrated for the selection of components, so that the installation can run smoothly.

Confirm this with "Next".
FileZilla setup 3
3. In the following input mask, you can specify the installation path of the program according to your requirements.
FileZilla setup 4
4. If you want a shortcut to FileZilla in the Start Menu, you can click "Next" in the following input mask.

You can then undertake the settings related to security and the saving of the FileZilla settings. The settings on the illustration are recommended.

Click "Install" to start the FileZilla installation.

When this has completed, click "Finish" to conclude the installation.

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