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WS_FTP Lite data transfer

Launching the WS_FTP program.

WS_FTP Datentransfer 1
1. The window where you should enter the FTP login details appears immediately after the program has launched.

Profile Name: You can define a profile name here.

Host Name/Adress: These can be found in the email we sent you.

Host Type: „Automatic detect“ eingestellt lassen.

User ID: Leave this set as "Automatic detect".

Password: Enter your FTP password here.

Storing the password can be dangerous, because even though the password is stored on the hard disk in encrypted form, software already exists for decrypting such information. If you value security, use your memory and type in your password afresh every time.
WS_FTP Datentransfer 2
2. When you have logged in, this window appears.

On the left you will see the local data (files on your computer) and on the right the data on the server.
WS_FTP Datentransfer 3
3. Now you can choose which data you want to transfer.

After you have located the data, you can now transfer it to the server. On the right you will see the various folders that have been predefined by Hoststar. However, we are only interested in the "html" folder, as the files have to be copied in this folder.
WS_FTP Datentransfer 4
4. Open the "html" folder with a double-click.

In the "html" folder you will see the folders necessary for the FrontPage search engine.
(_private, _vti_bin, _vti_cnf, _vti... etc.).

If you do not work with FrontPage, you can delete all of these folders, except for "cgi-bin".

To transfer data to the server, mark the required files on the left-hand side and click the right-pointing arrow in the middle.

Be careful! You must be in the "html" folder.

If you want to copy the server data to your computer, you must simply mark the data on the server and click the left-pointing arrow.

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