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FTP errors

Support > > FTP access

The FTP client returns an error message.

The list below details the different error-message codes and their meanings.
Please include this information whenever you send us a support inquiry.

Error code Explanation
110 Resume the transfer after executing the restart command.
120 The service (FTP) is not yet available. Please wait a few minutes.
(You may need to include minutes.)
125 Data connection already established. Transfer starting.
150 File status ok; data connection starting.
200 Command understood.
202 Command not known. The server does not support this function.
(E.g. multiple changes of access rights)
211 The system status of the server or system help information is displayed below this code.
212 Shows the status of the directory.
(Not the directory tree!)
213 Indicates the status of a specific file.
214 A help notification is displayed.
It deals only with non-standard commands and their meanings.
215 Description of the system type.
220 The service (FTP) is ready for a new user.
221 Control connection will be closed.
225 Data connection established. No transfer currently in progress.
226 Data connection will be closed.
The file request was successful. (Or aborted by the user)
227 Passive mode activated.
230 User logged in.
250 File request completed successfully.
257 A directory is specified.
331 Username ok, but password required.
350 File request requires more information.
421 Service unavailable. Control connection will be closed.
425 Data connection cannot be opened.
426 Connection closed. Transfer cancelled.
450 Requested file cannot be copied. File may not exist.
451 Request cancelled.
452 Request will not be executed.
Insufficient storage.
500 Syntax error.
(Can occur when requests are too long or file names are too long / contain invalid characters).
501 Syntax error with respect to parameters or arguments that were passed.
502 Command not implemented.
(E.g. modify access privileges is not available on some servers).
503 Invalid command sequence.
504 Command for this parameter not implemented.
530 Not logged in. (Password may be incorrect).
532 An account must be set up on the server in order to save files.
550 Request cannot be processed.
(The file may not exist or you do not have the necessary permissions.)
551 Request aborted, reason unknown.
552 File request was not accepted.
Size limit of the directory or data record reached.
553 Request aborted; file name not allowed.

Another possible cause is an improperly configured firewall.

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